What is a Blog? Why should our Rotary club have one?

There are several great reasons for our club to blog:

  1. Blogging allows our club to share with the entire world on a frequent basis. We can blog about a recent program, a hands-on project, or upcoming events that we are excited to announce.
  2. Blogging helps with our online footprint. Search engines are constantly scouring websites for keywords to help internet users find businesses and organizations. Regularly updating our blog content offers new opportunities for people across the internet to find us.
  3. Rotary is often called a "best kept secret." By letting our audience know who we are and what we are up to, we will be able to attract new members who are excited to be a part of our vibrant club.

If you are interested in contributing to our blog, please contact me (Sarah@hivecreativegroup.com) and I'll give you some tips on blog content and we will get you published!