2018 Paul Harris Fellows Celebrated!


On June 14th the Waynesboro Rotary Club held its annual Paul Harris Awards lunch on the stage at the restored Wayne Theatre in downtown Waynesboro.  46 members of the club have contributed to the Rotary International Foundation since July 2017 and members who had donated at least $1,000 received pins and special recognition.  Jim Hyson and Nancy Whitlock (future District Governor) made the presentations as follows:

1st year pin and medallion:  Francine Johnston

2nd year pins: Rebecca Shin, Quay Parrott, Andy Matherly and Steve Howlett

3rd year pin: Mitch Lawrence

4th year pins: Darrell Weaver, Chad Hatter and Bob Driscoll

5th year pin: Branch Hammock

6th year pins: Dick Schilling and Sarah Scott

7th year pins: Sarah Scott (for District Conference contribution), Tim Quillen and Bill Watkins 

Pin and medallion for new member Michael Meadows in honor of his father Gene Meadows who was a member of our club for 30 years

Special award to Jason and Eylshia Perdieu in recognition of their service

Recognition to Paul Harris Society members: Tracy Aitcheson (Past District Governor) and Judy, Brett Hayes, Paul Dana, Doris Hulvey, Nancy Whitlock