Litter Control and Pre-Charge Diversion Program - July 26th Program Recap

Tim Martin (Commonwealth Attorney for Augusta County) shared his concerns about the amount of litter he sees along Augusta County roads. He and Caleb Kramer described plans for a new program designed to reduce litter and at the same time provide an alternative to the traditional ways of handling minor offenders.  Caleb already works with VDOT and supervises community service crews assigned to clean up county roadsides, but the new Pre-Charge Diversion Program should be implemented soon. Officers will be able to assess the seriousness of a minor crime and offer the offender a chance to work on a cleanup crew rather than fining them or asking them to appear in court. In addition, plans are in the works for a citizens’ awareness campaign that will involve among other things, signs around the country reminding people to keep Augusta clean and partnerships with the public schools.   Caleb encouraged club members to contact him at 540-254-7826 if they see areas that are in need of cleanup.

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